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Value created for our customers

CSAT score(1)
in South Africa
CSAT score(1) for DStv in the Rest of Africa
CSAT score(1) for GOtv in the Rest of Africa
(1) The CSAT score is an internally defined customer satisfaction measure based on aggregation of all key points on the customer journey, weighted in terms of importance to customers.

Delivering value to our customers

Delivering exceptional experiences around video entertainment to our customers is at the heart of what we do. We have dedicated teams across the countries in which we operate to ensure we prioritise and meet our customers' needs. In addition, customer satisfaction metrics are an integral aspect of our key performance indicators (KPIs). Our customer-centric model, #CustomerFirst, is designed to deliver on our brand promise at every touchpoint in the customer journey, from exploring our products, to using, paying and ultimately staying on our platform.

During FY21, we enhanced value for our traditional linear pay-TV and OTT subscribers, as well as B2B customers who are serviced by our cybersecurity business, Irdeto, and our advertising business, DStv Media Sales, by launching new products and improving existing services.


Our pricing decisions are based on comprehensive analysis in each of our markets. We strive to carefully balance pricing and value perception with the reality of our input costs, most notably the cost of content and technology platforms, and the influence of fluctuating exchange rates. Given the weak consumer environment in many of our markets, we took active pricing measures to ensure competitiveness and value for our customers. These include maintaining price increases at or below inflation across our markets, and in some cases keeping prices flat.


Our customers expect exceptional content. We deliver this to them through a well-planned content strategy that provides the right mix of local and international general entertainment and sport, and a healthy balance of fresh content. Equally important is ensuring that our customers are aware of the great content available to them, and that they can find the shows they want to watch. This is achieved through the efforts of our dedicated content discovery team, coupled with carefully curated channels, our digital programming guide, on-air promos and social media activity.

Our SuperSport channels dropped their numbering system and evolved to dedicated thematic channels for individual sport genres.

In the drive to make content discovery more seamless and allow customers to find their favourite sport more easily, our SuperSport channels dropped their numbering system and evolved to dedicated thematic channels for individual sport genres. With this change, we also introduced local and international sporting channels and provided more variety of content like magazine shows and sport documentaries related to these various themes. We also started broadcasting school sport on a broader scale, using new-age technology and a dedicated mobile app, offering our younger customers, their parents and other interested parties the ability to watch our up-and-coming sport talent while further entrenching our localised content strategy.

This year, we also enhanced our M-Net movie channels offering to further improve and simplify content discovery. M-Net consolidated its six movie channels to four curated movie channels (integrating genres and subgenres) that feature fresher movie content and fewer movie repeats allowing for a streamlined navigation and enhanced movie experience.

We introduced several new channels, including local content channels in markets such as Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia, bringing our customers fresh content across assorted genres from around the world. Honey, the first pan-African lifestyle channel, was launched to showcase the diverse food, fashion and other aspirations of our audiences. To ensure easy discovery of broader content or shows on other packages, our customers experienced open windows for multiple channels, and access to preview first episodes of new shows, while themed festivals and pop-up channels were available throughout the year. This provided extra content value and exposed customers to favourites and related content that may interest them.

We also increased the number of movies available to rent on BoxOffice on Explora devices, which gives our customers more choice. In addition, we broadened the movie genres on BoxOffice, introducing the best of Bollywood and local, giving our customers a wider variety and fresher content.

Refer to content for full details of our content highlights for the year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported our customers by adding more news, kids and educational content onto lower-tiered packages, as well as various pop-up channels to the higher-tiered packages. In addition, we gave Premium customers in South Africa complementary BoxOffice credits every week for a month. In the Rest of Africa we ran a value campaign when there was no live sport on the platform. The campaign provided an upgrade to all paying subscribers.

More information can be found under our response to COVID-19

New products and services

Our ongoing ambition is to innovate and launch new products for our customers. We focus on driving the uptake of our value-added services, including the DStv app and Showmax, and launching several new services and products to provide more value.

During the year, we improved our Catch Up experience by adding more box sets and movies for viewers to enjoy and we extended the Catch Up option to more packages. We also enhanced the functionality of the DStv app and Showmax platforms to enable an improved user experience.

One of the Showmax enhancements was the launch of Showmax Pro, which offers customers additional content alongside the original Showmax content, such as selected live sport streaming, music channels and news.

We launched the Explora Ultra, allowing our customers an even better viewing experience. The Explora Ultra boasts built-in Wi-Fi and allows customers to seamlessly shift between satellite and online platforms, with all content aggregation occurring centrally via one billing platform.

In keeping with customers' evolving viewing habits and approach to content selection, DStv launched a standalone streaming service in South Africa where customers can subscribe and watch all channels via the DStv app without a decoder or satellite connection.

Customers can sign up and manage their services online, which furthers our dedication to providing our customers with convenience and choice with a fully digital experience.

In response to customer feedback, ADD Movies launched in South Africa, and is launching imminently in the Rest of Africa. This option provides customers with more flexibility and control to structure their entertainment offering to suit their needs. Customers can bolt on additional movie channels from month to month, which gives them a wider variety of movie options at an affordable price.

In keeping with creating value and understanding the markets in which we operate, we introduced DStv Communities in South Africa – a product catering for savings groups like stokvels to sign up as a group, save money and earn benefits. Each customer still has their choice of packages, while the group makes one collective payment and can qualify for rebates every six months.

This year, we also enhanced our M-Net movie channels offering to further improve and simplify content discovery.

DStv Rewards launched in South Africa to recognise customers' loyalty. The primary objective is to provide value to and unique entertainment experiences for the customer, by rewarding them for tenure, product and service usage, as well as payment behaviour. Customers are rewarded with more content (discounts, upgrades, BoxOffice movies, Showmax and ADD Movies), discounts, and vouchers for other providers to enhance their viewing experience. A key highlight of the programme is that it is free to join and provides customers with unique experiences to immerse themselves in our entertainment by meeting our stars and participating in our shows.

We introduced several new channels, including local content channels in markets such as Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia.

We also increased the number of movies available to rent on BoxOffice on Explora devices.

Customer service

We continued our focus on enhancing customers' experiences during the year. We made significant strides in providing them with digital options to find content and manage their services. We aim to engage customers on the platforms they choose and because of this, we relaunched the MyDStv app and our website, and enhanced our WhatsApp self-service experience. Customers can manage their services themselves or through live chat, enjoy immersive and personalised app experiences related to their favourite shows, and earn additional value through DStv Rewards.

In South Africa, we achieved a rating of 77% for customer satisfaction. Our multiple customer service channels ensure customer needs are met in a manner convenient for them. We communicate with customers through our contact centre agents, five service centres, 110 independent service providers and more than 3.3m monthly interactions on self-service, live chat, email and social media. Call volumes continue decreasing over time as customers adopt our digital service options. In the Rest of Africa, we achieved customer satisfaction ratings of 72% and 70% for DStv and GOtv respectively. Our 20 inbound call centres, 91 service centres and 2 723 independent service providers offer many avenues to reach and help our customers, along with our self-service MyDStv and MyGOtv apps, social media channels and other digital service options, which drove an average of 7.9m monthly interactions. In addition, we built an extensive third-party payment network across Africa through integrations with 39 vendors in South Africa and 161 vendors in the Rest of Africa, including many large retailers. These vendors include our digital payment platforms that offer customers a simple and convenient way to pay their accounts online.

This year, we rolled out online payment capabilities to 36 markets and saw significant growth in the adoption of our digital payment channels in South Africa and the Rest of Africa. Total revenue collected via digital means increased year on year (YoY) by 2.1 times and 2.6 times respectively.

B2B customers

DStv Media Sales, our B2B business that provides advertising solutions, served 1 066 clients this year. Our knowledge of clients' brands and our close relationships with advertisers and broadcast sponsors put us in a good position to assist customers in growing their business. We created more value for customers by launching new advertising platforms (e.g. pause screen), allowing them more opportunity to be seen by DStv subscribers. We embarked on initiatives to educate the industry on key challenges around TV planning in a future world.

Our Technology business, Irdeto, services more than 400 external customers across 72 countries, including the world's best video entertainment, gaming, mobile and connected industry service providers. We typically have a long-term relationship with our customers; we see them as partners and work with them to ensure they receive the best technology solutions as their security needs evolve.

We innovated in both our media security and connected industries businesses through Irdeto. Several new products were launched and implemented this year, namely:

  • Control on the Go, which brings digital rights management protection and streaming optimisation to internet challenged spaces
  • Anomaly Detection System, which identifies intrusion and secures rail vehicle systems as part of a Threat Detection Solution
  • Trusted Home, which provides advanced Wi-Fi router security through Wi-Fi management, parental control, security against malicious websites, and seamless integration with any Wi-Fi router
  • App Watch, which enables a video entertainment operator to monitor and manage apps that are used on Android set-top boxes in their network - offering comprehensive market analytics and ensuring the health of the network by removing malicious apps downloaded onto operator-controlled Android TV set-top boxes

Bringing the stars home

Traditional content consumption is a passive experience for most viewers. With our introduction of DStv Rewards, we are changing that relationship to a more active experience. Customers can engage with various show-related content through games, competitions and more, but most exciting is the unique opportunity to meet their favourite stars or be part of events related to their favourite shows. Selected customers spent quality time with local and international sport and TV characters, and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences in studio, on reality sets and wildlife adventures, bringing customers closer to the entertainment they love.

Issues raised by customers

How these were addressed

How these were addressed


PricingCustomers expressed a desire for lower prices on packages,
especially during difficult economic times.

How these were addressed

Pricing is based on consumer research and local market dynamics, and is balanced with the cost of input and content in particular. Where possible, we maintained price increases at lower-than-inflation rates and, in some instances, we kept prices flat. We provided value-added services and DStv Rewards to enhance the value proposition for customers. Customers had options to save through various products, including:

  • Subscription contracts that provide lower rates for a contract period
  • DStv Communities that allows group saving through rebates and other benefits

How these were addressed


Loss of live sport

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent worldwide cancellation or postponement of live sport events triggered some of our customers to lobby for a reduction in Premium pricing given the absence of live sport on our platform.

How these were addressed

Our teams worked to fill the gap in our sport content line-up with proprietary and partner library footage, and made content discovery easier by introducing thematic channels. Our offering included broadcasting some of the greatest sporting events in history, live in-studio discussions with celebrated guests, and screening well-loved sporting movies.

How these were addressed


RepeatsContent is repeated on the platform which erodes
the customer experience.

How these were addressed

Both international and local sport and entertainment productions have experienced challenges during COVID-19. Our customers started spending more time viewing video content, so we prioritised managing and sourcing the freshest available content. Both the SuperSport thematic channel and M-Net movie channel changes aim to improve curation and provide more fresh content to customers. The condensed selection of M-Net movie channels, for example, mitigate the scenario where movies repeat for higher-tier customers when they air on Premium channels first, and are windowed down through lower-tier channels over time.

Key focus areasgoing forward

Customer satisfaction and retention are an important part of the long-term sustainability of our business:

  • We will strive to continue meeting our customers' needs for great entertainment and service, available anytime and anywhere.
  • We will secure excellent sport and general entertainment content and drive new product innovation that will enhance our customers' experiences and provide additional value.
  • We will continuously improve and optimise the processes and practices that deliver and enhance customer experiences.