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Our investment case

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We know our subscribers and their entertainment needs

We know how to curate and deliver the best local and international general entertainment and sport content to our 20.9m subscribers in 50 countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

We create, acquire, license and package an exciting and unique mix of programming. We provide video entertainment 'anywhere, anytime' by beaming a signal and/or streaming content to customers on their preferred devices 24/7.

Our unique insights allow us to create comprehensive and compelling video entertainment services that resonate with our subscribers and cater for their evolving video entertainment needs. We aim to offer them even more as we continue expanding our entertainment ecosystem.

Leveraging our scale and reach, we are also broadening our value proposition and entertainment ecosystem through organic initiatives, strategic partnerships and select investment opportunities. Our new product launches, third-party OTT distribution agreements and investment in BetKing demonstrate our evolving strategic intent.


We have a solid foundation to drive shareholder returns

We have an experienced management team with deep operational expertise, established brands, a scaled subscriber base, and largely invested or leased infrastructure. We have also ensured that we sustain a sound balance sheet, deliver excellence in execution, maintain cost discipline and generate robust cash flows to support our capital allocation process and ultimately shareholder returns.


We draw on global perspectives to drive local excellence

Our long-standing connections to worldwide video entertainment industry participants, content suppliers and satellite providers allow us to implement best practices for content and technology.

Our deep local knowledge allows us to operate in diverse markets across vast urban and rural territories, and varied demographics, while managing complex regulatory environments and solving unique local challenges involving our business activities such as sales, distribution and payments.


We have a dynamic approach
to growth

We understand the need to drive scale and growth in a flexible and responsive way. We achieve this through:

  • Investing in content and production processes, subsidising set-top boxes and incurring capital expenditure (capex), among other areas, to support organic growth
  • Targeted and value-accretive mergers and acquisitions
  • Mutually beneficial commercial partnerships with best-in-class operators

We have a proud legacy
and an even more exciting future

The African continent, with its 1.3bn people, is our home. Since launching our first service in 1985, we have provided a window into the world for our viewers and created, developed and shared their stories. A growing, increasingly urban middle class, with rising discretionary spend, represents an addressable market estimated at 56m paying video entertainment subscribers by 2025 and offers an attractive long-term opportunity for us.

Irdeto has a 51-year history of solving security problems. Its expertise in software security means it is uniquely positioned to help the world's best video entertainment and connected industry service providers navigate their digital platform security challenges in an increasingly connected world.