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Our approach to sustainable value creation

We understand that our businesses operate in larger communities and impact several stakeholders and sections of society. Therefore, we are committed to partnering with and supporting these stakeholders to enable shared value creation. How we manage ourselves and these partnerships ultimately determines the extent to which we can create value in our business and contribute to society sustainably.

We view value creation as a holistic process

Our external business environment is constantly evolving, which is influenced by rapid changes in consumer preferences, industry value chains, competitive dynamics and socioeconomic factors. Further, the complexity of the regulatory environment is increasing as countries adapt to emerging trends and innovation in content businesses and delivery technologies.

We remain focused on ensuring we have the agility and foresight to adapt accordingly and maintain our competitiveness and relevance in the long term.

To this end, we adopt a robust process of identifying and evaluating material matters that currently affect our business or could do so in future. We complement this approach with a rigorous planning framework to ensure we pursue opportunities timeously and manage risks appropriately.

Our strategic priorities are informed by our external business environment, having regard to the material matters we have identified and their attendant opportunities and risks, and support sustainable value creation through investment in our business, industry and people.