Our stakeholders

We seek to build relationships based on trust that will make a lasting impact

MultiChoice has a broad range of stakeholders, including subscribers, regulators, content providers, shareholders, employees and the general public. Our inclusive approach seeks to balance the needs, interests and expectations of our stakeholders with the interests of our organisation over time.

How we engage our stakeholders Issues raised by stakeholders Our response
  • Contact centres
  • Agencies
  • Accredited installers
  • Media and press
  • Social media
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer meetings
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Incident management tools
  • Account and billing queries
  • Technical queries
  • General service queries
  • 24/7 global and local support
  • Product and performance quality
  • Commercial terms and business models
  • Certifications
  • Solve customer issues promptly
  • Address bigger process and system issues where relevant
  • Engage with subscribers on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and on the DStv Forum
  • Ongoing customer satisfaction surveys
  • Ensure certifications are up to date
Government and regulators
  • Oral and written representations to committees
  • Attendance at legislator and regulator developments in parliament
  • Engagements with government departments
  • Broadcasting code review
  • Amendments to competition regulation
  • Licensing reviews and requirements
  • Tax reviews
  • Product licensing
  • Policy changes
  • Proactive engagement with regulators on specific issues
  • Formal representations and submissions
  • Demonstrate our compliance with regulations and our contribution to society
  • Share information on the challenges posed by certain regulatory amendments
Content providers and suppliers  
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Telephonic conference calls and email communication
  • Attendance at industry conferences
  • Request for proposals (RFP)
  • Rights acquisitions
  • Fees and advertising revenue shares
  • Qualifying content and encryption
  • Platform security and content protection
  • Reporting – performance data and customer numbers
  • Terms and conditions, and fees
  • Field of use
  • We negotiate within approved mandates
  • Where fees are too high or content is not resonating with particular customers, we may look at terminating or renegotiating contract terms
  • In cases where certain issues are argued consistently by various studios (eg device usage rules), our business approach may be revised or reconsidered if the change required is in line with international norms
  • Workplace forums, including live broadcasts
  • Employment equity committees and trade union engagements
  • Direct engagements
  • Live engagement tracking and anonymous employee feedback
  • Engagement surveys
  • Leadership engagements and interventions
  • Peer-to-peer interventions
  • Employee wellness and working environment
  • Restructure and potential retrenchments
  • Union recognition
  • Salary and benefits negotiations
  • Career acceleration, development and recognition
  • Complexity of internal business processes
  • Meaningful restructure consultation and involvement
  • Meaningful salary and benefits negotiations
  • Organisational talent reviews with leaders
  • Employee culture programmes
  • Diversity and inclusion programmes
  • Employee benefits
  • Onsite wellness benefits
  • Shareholder meetings, including annual general meetings
  • Annual reports/interim results
  • Communications/updates on website
  • Press releases
  • JSE SENS announcements
  • Online Q&As and information guides
  • Standalone opportunity to invest in video entertainment only
  • Impact of Naspers’s unbundling on shareholders
  • Competitive threats, specifically in OTT
  • Growing the business, reducing costs and returning the Rest of Africa business to profitability
  • Growing cash flow and earnings
  • Awareness campaigns and roadshows to improve awareness
  • Extensive communication through investor relations, including investor meetings/conferences
  • Annual general meeting and special shareholder meetings where applicable
  • Direct engagement through one-on-one interviews and press conferences
  • Events and launches, including media showcases
  • Press releases, editorials and general articles
  • Responding to media queries
  • Business media: MultiChoice Group’s JSE listing; MultiChoice corporate governance; MultiChoice ethics and leadership; update on market trends; new customer wins; new partnerships; insight into cybersecurity events happening in the market
  • Content media: Programming, value of packages, comparison to other services like Netflix
  • Consumer media: Related to consumer issues, eg price increases, billing issues, value, comparison to other services like Netflix
  • Technical media: New technology partnerships, new product launches
  • Business media: One-on-one engagement, press conferences, interviews, ongoing answering of queries and statements issued
  • Content media: Newsletters, press releases, articles and launch events highlighting benefits of our packages and changes to our offering
  • Consumer media: Regular interaction and visits in person, ongoing engagement on queries
  • Technical media: Regular one-on-one engagements and interviews, press releases and articles; ongoing answering of queries and statements issued