Our regulatory landscape

  • The regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex
  • Our approach remains one of positive and proactive engagement


A number of MultiChoice entities are regulated and therefore subject to significant legislative and regulatory oversight in the countries in which they operate. As the regulatory environment becomes more complex and onerous, the impact and importance of managing risk increase.

Over the past year, we engaged in a diverse range of processes. These concerned issues from licence renewals to various legislative and regulatory review processes across the African continent. Our approach remains one of positive and proactive engagement with the relevant regulatory authorities through experienced, in-country regulatory teams.

South Africa

The inquiry by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) into competition in the pay-TV sector is ongoing. The regulator also commenced a process to review the regulations governing sporting events of national interest. We have made representations and are actively engaging with Icasa on these two regulatory processes.

On the legislative front, we participated in public processes to amend key legislation governing competition, copyright and performers' rights, film classification and the electronic communications sector.

We continue to monitor the national digital migration project. While we have observed some developments, we remain concerned at the slow pace of finalising this matter and the effect it has on our terrestrial service offerings.

Rest of Africa

Multiple licences held by group entities in the Rest of Africa require the renewal and reissuing of licences from time to time. Licences in key territories have been successfully renewed or reissued with no interruptions to business continuity.

Compliance with competition regulation remains a key focus area. Where investigations have been initiated by authorities, we have sought to engage constructively. In the past year ongoing investigations were concluded without any adverse findings. We also seek to ensure that competition legislation is aligned with best practice and we have engaged in the introduction of new competition legislation and amendments to existing legislation in various territories across the continent.

We regularly participate in public processes to review existing legislation and regulation, or to introduce new legislation which may have an impact on our business. This includes legislative review processes, reviews of broadcasting regulations, and processes for the introduction of legislation to address consumer protection and data-protection issues.

Our regulatory landscape