Our customers

  • Achieved 76% on consumer satisfaction in South Africa
  • Achieved 70% on customer satisfaction in Rest of Africa for DStv and 67% for GOtv
  • Achieved 63% Net Promotor Score in Irdeto
  • Achieved 94% on service level scores across the group


We recognise customer centricity as a concept that is embedded in every business activity. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences at every touchpoint from our walk-in customer service centres to our integrated online self-service platforms. We value authentic communication and feedback and seek to provide our customers with superior service.

Our customer-centric model, called #CustomerFirst, seeks to deliver on our brand promise of exceptional customer satisfaction. We have dedicated teams in place across the countries where we operate to ensure the needs of our customers are met. Our customer care function is responsible for supporting our customers with account, technical and content queries via the inbound call centre and digital customer care channels. We continuously track and analyse our interactions to improve on the services we provide, and the way customers experience our brands. Our efforts include digitising interactions across the customer journey to enable self-service, streamlining payment and collection processes, and improving our internal capabilities to handle customer queries. In addition, we seek to retain our customers through special offers, particularly on hardware and value-added content services, so as to remain competitive in the market.

Customer service and loyalty metrics

We measure our service levels, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction to evaluate the effectiveness of our customer service efforts. During FY2019, our CSAT in South Africa, measured by customer surveys, improved to 76%. In the Rest of Africa, we achieved 70% for DStv and 67% for GOtv, both on track with our targets.

Our service levels are measured by how quickly we answer calls and resolve a customer query on the first interaction. We achieved an average of 94% across the group for the period under review, exceeding our targets. Our NPS reflects the willingness of customers to recommend our brand, and results indicate that MultiChoice tracks well above the industry average. We continue to transform our customer experience by simplifying complex business processes, reducing customer effort and using artificial intelligence to automate non-value-adding transactions and optimise self-service.

Our focus in the future will remain on projects and initiatives that improve the customer experience regarding payments, self-service and customer support. We also ensure our interactions are consistently within the regulatory and compliance requirements of the countries where we operate.

Engagement with our customers

We make use of our social media platforms not only to push information to customers, but also as a tool for facilitating dialogues to gain feedback on the quality of our customer relationships. We also use these channels to tell brand stories, educate our customers about products and services and improve our online searchability.

Social media forms an important part of how our customers consume and engage with our content. MultiChoice has created a unique 'second-screen' phenomenon, in that while watching content on our various platforms, customers also discuss shows and their feelings emanating from these on various social media platforms. We position ourselves in conversations to capture moments of truth and engage our customers on improving their experience. Each of our brands have dedicated social media platforms.

Customer satisfaction and retention is also a key aspect of the long-term sustainability of Irdeto's business. We secure the satisfaction of our customers through ensuring consistent high-quality delivery, and by performing regular reviews of our customers' accounts to see where we can improve and optimise our service delivery. We undertake annual customer satisfaction surveys, which results in quantitative and qualitative feedback we can turn into action items. We also monitor customer satisfaction against targets we have set for the business.